Invictus PR is a London-based PR Company founded by David Hanley
who has over ten years experience in the music business and independent
media, having forged an extensive and eclectic network of contacts working
for record labels, music PR agencies, independent publishers and bands.

We specialise in handling the PR requirements of many of the UK’s finest bands
and artists, predominantly in the rock/indie/metal genres.

Invictus has also worked in numerous counter-culture genres, such as fashion
and alternative clothing labels, as well as with some of the globe’s most
prestigious tattoo artists.

We have extensive experience promoting independent publishing projects,
with subjects covered including music biographies, tattoos, extreme sports,
social networks and other strands of youth culture.

Founder David Hanley has a passion for working with emerging talent, offering
a guiding hand to focus these crucial early campaigns in the exact areas
where maximum exposure can be garnered.