CLIENT LIST - Past & Present

Press to MECO

Palm Reader

Employed To Serve

We Never Learned To Live

Let's Talk Daggers

Bad Sign

Bowling For Soup


High Hopes

Wicked Snakes


Brotherhood Of The Lake

Human Future

The Catharsis


Holy Roar Records (Record Label)

Tangled Talk Records (Record Label)

In At The Deep End Records (Record Label)

Small Town Records (Record Label)

A Wolf At Your Door Records (Record Label)

Thirty Days Of Night (Record Label)

Undergroove Records (Record Label)

Scylla (Record Label)

SGR Artist Management

The Valiant


Saint The Sinner

The Younger

Hold The Fight

The Call Back Academy

The Dollyrots

Tu Amore

Fans of Faye

Run From Robots

Amy Can Flyy

We Caught The Castle

Death Of An Artist

Blind Ambitions

The Perfect Crime

People On Vacation

Erik Chandler


Hello Lazarus


Library of June

Independent Music Press

Gavin Watson ‘Skins’ Photographer

Valencourt Apparel

Marc Beaumont (Downhill Racer)

Melrose Vintage Boutique