• We service national print and online media in the fields of music PR,
    fashion labels, clothing brands and publishing.

  • We service carefully selected national and regional newspapers and choice
    regional publications and websites.

  • Our expertise across multiple subjects offers the opportunity for diverse
    campaigns which go beyond the obvious. For example, ‘Can this music release
    overlap and be relevant in a fashion-based publication?’ Or ‘Would this emerging
    fashion label benefit from exposure in a rock magazine?’

  • As well as the established core publications and on-line sites, we also give
    high priority to what we call ‘fringe’ publications. This again helps us to
    broaden a campaign’s reach and enables us to leverage greater exposure from a
    larger variety of targets.

  • All campaigns are bespoke, we have no generic template: at an initial
    meeting, the client’s needs are digested and addressed and then throughout the
    duration of the campaign the client is updated with regular communication,
    while reports are provided to ensure that the focus and reach of each
    month’s work is optimised.

  • Campaigns can target print media only, on-line media only
    or a multi-platform brief.